Дни и ночи

Dias e Noites

In 1945, the teenager Clotilde is a rebel in the conservative countryside of Rio Grande do Sul. A couple of years later, she marries the rude and abusive farmer Pedro Roldão to save her father from bankruptcy. When she has a daughter, Pedro submits Clotilde to all sort of humiliations and abuses expecting to have a son. After delivering a son, she witness Pedro leaving the house of his mistress and she decides to leave him. Further, she loses the custody of her daughter and her son in the manliest society. Clotilde sues Pedro in the slow justice system, and along the years, she has an affair with the lawyer Motta; the playboy Felipe; and the businessman Aires de Lucena that gives her economical independence. When her daughter Joana is murdered by her husband, Clotilde decides to fight against Pedro for the guard of her granddaughter.

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