Skinny Puppy: Ain't It Dead Yet?

Skinny Puppy: Ain't It Dead Yet?

Год 1989
Длительность 01:09
Страна канада
Жанр музыка
Режиссер Дермот Шэйн
Продюсер Марк Джоуэтт
В ролях Дуэйн Р. Готтел, Севин Ки, Нивек Огр
Prominent Canadian industrial/experimental cyber-punk band Skinny Puppy was formed in 1982 by cEvin Key (Kevin Crompton) and Nivek Ogre (Kevin Ogilvie), and have been together off an on since then, taking prolonged breaks or even breaking-up and reforming several times. Skinny Puppy have had 12 studio albums but are best known for their "Last Rights" (1992) album and of course their most commercial album, "The Process" (1996). In January 2007 the band released a new album, "Mythmaker" and in May they toured in North America and Europe.

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