Жизнь продолжается

The Dance Goes On

Crazy Los Angeles. Work is an hour away, down a crammed six-lane freeway. It is always sunny, but the sun looks like a sickly blemish on the smog. Everyone's out to look beautiful and make money. And a kid named Rick fits right in. The Gaspé coast. Work is five minutes away on a tractor seat. When the sun shines, the ocean is set ablaze, and the scent of pine fills the crisp country air. People here just try to make ends meet, but they know how to laugh from the gut and to show each other they care. This is were Rick's father James grew up, but Rick has never been here. When Rick learns that he has inherited the ancestral farm, and that his father wants him to go to Gaspé to bury the uncle who left Rick this legacy, an extraordinary odyssey begins. Father and son start out as different from each other as Gaspé and Los Angeles, but in the process, Rick discovers manhood and James discovers fatherhood.

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