Outrage: Born in Terror

Christine takes her best friend with another couple for a final vacation when she goes to close up and sell her family's hunting lodge in the remote woods of Northern Georgia...but it's also the scene of her worst childhood trauma. Things get worse when it turns out the lodge is in use by an ex-military sniper, Farragut and his three accomplice, the Loomis brothers, as a hideout who just escaped from a military prison. A hostage situation turns to hunting human prey as Christine and her friends Molly and Jack escape into the woods - the sadistic killers picking them off one-by-one, with Christine confronting worse and worse fears at every turn, realizing, and finally learning after meeting a medicine healer, Obeah ...it's her own fears that have drawn this nightmare upon her. And only if she overcomes them can she save her life and sanity. The spiritual message of the movie is based on "The Law of Attraction".

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