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Spain. The Basque Country. Sometime in the 90s. Josu Jon, a young member of a terrorist organization, has suffered an almost complete memory loss after being wounded in a shooting with the Spanish police. As he awaits for his trial, his condition is being treated at the prison hospital. Other inmates belonging to the same organization try to make him remember how brave a "gudari" -a Basque soldier- he is and how he must go back to the armed fight for the independence of their country as soon as he gets out of prison. Meanwhile, Xabier, a college professor who has been death-threatened by the terrorists due to his political views on the Basque situation, is having an affair with Francesca, a young psychologist who happens to end up trying to help Josu Jon recover his memory. A warm feeling of mutual affection grows between her and her patient. At a point, it doesn't seem to be clear whether Josu Jon really wants to recover his memory or rather forget forever who he actually is.

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