Chimaira: The Dehumanizing Process

Chimaira: The Dehumanizing Process

Год 2004
Длительность 01:32
Страна сша
Жанр музыка, документальный
Премьера в мире 26/10/2004
Режиссер Тодд Белл, Nick Kleczewski
Продюсер Garett Zunt
"The Dehumanizing Process" is a film about six musicians from a small town just outside of Cleveland, Ohio who refused to stop playing the music that seemed to pump through their veins even when it appeared as though fate itself had turned it's back on them. They have fought hard to get where they are now and have never taken their eyes off the prize: to infect the world with their sound and to play the music that seems to come so naturally. The movie is told by the members themselves and the people who have had the greatest knowledge and influence on their lives and careers. Moments in the film will be visually poetic interpretations of their lives while primarily showing a raw glimpse into the inner most workings of the band. This is a band not yet untouchable, but on the brink of blowing the metal world away.

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