Nous nous sommes tant haïs

How Much We Hated Each Other

Год 2007
Длительность 01:57
Страна австрия, франция
Жанр драма
Премьера в мире 23/03/2007
Режиссер Franck Apprederis
Продюсер Доминик Антуан, Вольфганг Рест, Арно де Баттис, Филип Моравитц, Ив Свеннен, Кристофер Сталлибрасс
Сценарист Franck Apprederis, Jacqueline Cauët, Жан-Мишель Гэллард, Себастьен Оссар
В ролях Сара Бьясини, Павел Делонг, Бернар-Пьер Доннадье, Франсуа Марторе, Кристин Буассон, Энн Лорье, Arnaud Appréderis, Мэтис Жамет, Thomas Freudensprung, Силия Малки, Howard Nightingall, Сильвен Кортай, Жак Хансен, Нильс Дюбо, Ваня Вилер, Титуан Лапорте, Себастьен Оссар, Томас Штроукс, Юрген Цвингель, Ганс Мейер, Mijou Kovacs, Эрик Пулен, Марк Шапито, Кэти Боде, Ив Пиньо, Лоран Жамекур, Мари Россо, Якоб Зеебёк, Бабси Стегер, Мари-Виктуар Дебре, Фриц фон Фридль, Эрик Ян Риппманн, Эльке Винкенс, Hannes Gastinger, Анна Беллек, Чиро Де Люка, Джильда Альбертони, Надин Марковичи, Кристоф Курочкин, Пьер Диот, Штефан Пунтигам, Серж Фальк, Губерт Крамар, Фабрис Ларош-Жубер, Жерар Шевалье
It's May 1950, just before the now-famous Robert Schuman Declaration. Schuman was the French Foreign Minister, who brokered friendly Franco-German Relations after 3 large-scale wars between the two European powers within 70 years brought havoc to Europe regularly. A year after the German Federal Republic (West) was established with Anglo-Franco-American agreement in 1949, the 1950 Declaration, which included the Benelux countries as well, created a West European Customs & Trade Zone. They later added a few more countries to become the European Economic Community, then after two enlargements in the 1980s and 1990s became the EU - the European Union, now expanded significantly larger in area, population, and in economic unity. In the first decade of this century, the EU has again been enlarged twice - the last in 2007 adding Romania and Bulgaria. This story of the EU's origins is told through the chance encounter of a young couple: Jean Monnet, a journalist from the Stuttgarter Zeitung, and the French Marie. They believe in a Union of Western Europe, and help in their own ways to bring the idea about,and change Europe's history forever - up to today, in any case. Later on, Monnet would be Robert Schuman's ally in the quest for peace and reconciliation across the continent. This film by Franck Apprederis was produced as part of the 50th Anniversary Commemorations of the European Union.

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