Punky Brewster: More for Your Punky

Punky Brewster: More for Your Punky

Год 1985
Длительность 01:15
Страна сша
Жанр мультфильм
Продюсер Джо Руби, Кен Спирс
Join the fun with Punky and her pals Cherie, Margaux and Allen, her guardian Henry, her cuddly dog Brandon and a very special secret friend called Glomer. Glomer is no ordinary creature. But folks from magical villages rarely are! The fun really starts when Punky tries to explain Glomer's antics to a puzzled Henry. And it's not easy for Punky to explain Glomer's walking through solid walls, flying through the air, or transporting people anywhere in the world with a blink of an eye!

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