Alpha Company: Iraq Diary

Alpha Company: Iraq Diary

Год 2006
Страна сша
Жанр документальный
Премьера в мире 10/10/2006
Режиссер Гордон Форбс III
Продюсер Ривер О’Мэхони Хэгг, Гален Тонг
Сценарист Гордон Форбс III
During the summer of 2005, filmmaker Gordon Forbes spent three months embedded with the U.S. Marines 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion during their deployment to the Sunni Triangle in Iraq. He and his team documented the daily grind and struggles of the men in Alpha Company as they fought the War on Terror, thousands of miles away from home. While most networks send a crew to shoot only enough footage for a 90-second highlight piece, this three-part documentary covers several operations - from helicopter raids and mounted patrols to everyday interactions with the people of Iraq.

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