Quarta B

Quarta B

A teacher from an elementary school, a director, a janitor and 15 parents are gathered in the classroom to discuss a taboo: what to do when drugs are found in the possession of a 10-year-old child? There is a proposal to enter the world of children who use drugs. Then they decide, through vote, to have a joint. Accusations, intrigue, and a number of disclosures come to the surface while each tries to shield their own family. Fragilities and obscure secrets start to be unveiled due to the drug use. Therefore the real problem ends up lost amidst lies, hypocrisy and dissimulation. Trips, cravings, neurosis and crises change what was supposed to be a normal school meeting. Fourth Grade B is much more than a film about drugs: it is about life, secrets, fears and journeys. It is about the selfishness within a society that tries to survive at any cost.

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