O Magnata

In São Paulo, the upper middle class punk-singer Andre a.k.a. Magnata spends his time in the periphery with his friends from the lower class, singing in clubs and wasting his inheritance. When he is challenged by his friends to steal a Ferrari from a store, he accepts the challenge and he goes with his pal Chivitz. They rob the car and after driving for fun, Magnata goes to the stage for a concert and asks Chivitz to get rid off the car because it would be located through the GPS system. However, Chivitz decides to drive more and is arrested by the police. Meanwhile, Magnata meets Adriana Melo, who has just arrived from New York, with his friend Renata that invites him for her birthday party on the next day. Magnata dates Adriana and falls in love for her, but this reckless prank stealing the Ferrari leads them to a tragic consequence.

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