Olivier etc.

Olivier etc.

Olivier calls himself a 'statistical miracle'. He is almost 27 years old but the doctors had predicted that, because of the heart disease he was born with, he would not get much older than 25 years. He doesn't seem to be suffering from the threat of death closing in on him. With unbridled energy, he parties, smokes, drinks and dances until deep into the night, and in the morning wakes up in bed next to girls he doesn't even know. His family and friends alienate from him because of this life style, and the fact that he doesn't have long lasting relationships, doesn't bother him. Olivier lives, day by day. Until new medical technologies make it possible to cure him, and a new future opens up to him. Everybody is happy, but Olivier doesn't know how to deal with the expectations and responsibilities of his new life.

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