Aaitya Bilavar Nagoba

Aaitya Bilavar Nagoba

Kalyani lives a middle-class lifestyle in Daulat Nagar, with her mom and dad, Sindhu Madhav Shastri, who practices medicine. She re-locates to the city, graduates, and returns back to teach as well as be a social worker, for which she is honored by the townspeople. She meets with and falls in love with Sarjerao, the only son of wealthy widower and businessman, Daulatrao Patil. One day she gets the shocking news that Sarjerao has been arrested for sexually molesting a courtesan by the name of Mainabai. Sarjerao is tried in Court, found guilty, and sentenced to a year in prison. After one year he is discharged and returns home to find that his dad has passed away, leaving the business and the estate in the hands of his Accountant, Bhujangrao. When Sarjerao goes to Kalyani, she indicates that she will have nothing to do with him anymore. Stunned by the death of his father, and shunned by his lover, Sarjerao turns to alcohol, patronizing courtesans, and may possibly be arrested and end up in jail again.

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