Pyar Ka Bandhan

Pyar Ka Bandhan

Kaalu lives a poor lifestyle with his widowed mom, an unmarried school-going sister, Sona, and a younger brother, Birju. Kaalu makes a living driving a horse-carriage (tonga), and the family lives a hand to mouth existence. Most of Kaalu's earnings are spent on medications for his ailing mother, and fees & books for Sona and Birju. His mother decides to lend a hand, does some work at a construction site, and tragically passes away. Sona completes her education and falls in love with a wealthy young man named Raju. When Kaalu finds out, he goes to Raju's dad, who is none other than Kaalu's employer, who refuses to accept Sona as his daughter-in-law, but subsequently changes his mind, apologizes to Kaalu and both decide on an early marriage. While Kaalu is grateful that Sona's future in-laws are not taking any dowry, he decides to marry off his only sister in style and give a big party. The question remains - where will Kaalu get the money to host this reception?

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