Год 1966
Длительность 00:06
Страна польша
Жанр драма, короткометражка
Премьера в мире 04/03/2003
Режиссер Петр Студзинский
В ролях Кшиштоф Кесьлёвский
Portrait of an artist as a young manic. First, a montage of still photographs of an artist's face. Then motion. He stirs in sleep; he paints and expresses frustration. He looks for a light for his cigarette. He sketches, wads it up; makes tea; stares at his face in a mirror, then looks at canvas after canvas of self-portraits. He becomes agitated and defaces the work. He rips and tears, punches and kicks the art. Then he destroys mirrors. The catharsis over, he rests and begins again to paint.

Торренты фильма «Лицо»

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