The Wild World of Hasil Adkins

The Wild World of Hasil Adkins

Год 1993
Длительность 00:29
Страна сша
Жанр документальный, короткометражка
Режиссер Джулиен Ницберг
Продюсер Джулиен Ницберг
В ролях Хэсил Эдкинс, Art Fein, Билли Миллер
Short subject documentary by Julien Nitzberg about the legendary "psychobilly" musician and infamous wild man Hasil Adkins. Filming takes place in Adkins' own yard, his shack, and at various concerts. Adkins is notable for helping create an entirely new form of rock/rockabilly/country fusion, which he plays entirely by himself (with a guitar and drums simultaneously).

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