Wai Onlawon 4: Tum + Oh Return

Wai Onlawon 4: Tum + Oh Return

A 2005 sequel to the three hit "Wai Onlawon" Thai comedy movies from the 1970s. Tum and Oh, the young college couple, are now nearing 50....They're(relatively) happily married and have two teenage kids with problems of their own, Bitong and Namtoey. Bitong is a beautiful young drama student at Chiang Mai University, who's secretly living in the dorms with her boyfriend, Wicharn. Namtoey still lives at home, where his macho father can't understand why his son plucks his eyebrows and has pictures of Japanese boy bands on the wall....Tum, Oh and Namtoey, along with butch lesbian Aunt Or (who has changed a lot since the original movies!) decide to surprise Bitong by visiting her for her birthday. Bitong has to try and hide her living arrangements from her parents, Tum has to avoid setting off Oh's jealous temper and Aunt Or just wants to sit back and enjoy looking at the hot college girls. Gigi is Bitong's new best friend, who likes dating old, rich guys, Pattama is Bitong's mousey ex-roommate, and Khun Nid is a former flame of Tum's who owns a bar in Chiang Mai.

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