Bing xue qing guan ying xiong dan

Avenging Dragon

Год 1983
Длительность 01:32
Страна тайвань
Жанр боевик, драма
Премьера в мире 23/07/1983
Режиссер Хсю Ли Пао
Продюсер Шу Мей Чин, Чук Хон Вонг
Сценарист Шу Мей Чин, Луис Ча
В ролях Ланг Ти, Линг Чанг, Брюс Лаи, Yongxin Zhao, Чен Тиен Лунг, Хао Чао Чи, Yen Chien, Ван Си Чин, Фэн Дэн Фенг, Хо Чи Кеи
A naïve kung-fu student (Lung Ti) falls under the influence of a corrupt master. Soon the student realizes his master plans to dominate the martial arts community by stealing a legendary martial arts book that's supposed to bestow its owner with extraordinary powers. And his master will stop at nothing - including murder - to possess that book. Now, with the help of a sympathetic female fighter and an intriguing drunk, the student must lead a rival kung-fu sect in a deadly tournament against his master and his kung-fu stablemates to keep the book out of the wrong hands.

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