Shamsher Singh Rajput lives a poor lifestyle in British India along with his widowed mom, a sister, Asha, and makes a living through crime. He is in love with a gypsy dancer, Reshma, and wants to marry her, but has to content with her suitor, Jagga. He is arrested by the corrupt British Police, jailed, and beaten mercilessly. When the British leave India, he gets out of prison, finds out that his mother will have nothing to do with him, seeks the assistance of Vijay, locates Jagga and kills him. He returns and finds out that Asha is living a wayward life, locates her in a bar with several men, and brings her home. When Vijay shows an interest in Asha, Shamsher warns him, and their friendship ends. Vijay and Asha, in love with each other, seek the permission of Asha's mom to let them get married, are refused until such time Vijay gets a good job. Vijay gets a job as a Police Inspector and vows to fight crime. Shamsher, in the meantime, joins forces with Kewal alias K.K., then eventually kills him, takes over his crime empire, joins forces with another gangster, Tony Gonsalves, and is all set to rule the underworld. He also locates Reshma, and marries her. It is then Shamsher is confronted by Vijay - a confrontation that may lead to Shamsher's arrest and possibly the end of his criminal empire or alternatively the death of Vijay himself.

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