Haar Jeet

Haar Jeet

Kamal is a single woman who lives in Bombay, India. She finds work as a Governess with a widowed male named Madhu Sudan Gupta, an Architect by profession, who lives in a palatial house with three children, and a younger brother, a slacker, by the name of Ashok Kumar. Kamal and Ashok are attracted to each other, and Madhu Sudan is quite sure that they will soon approach him to seek his blessings to get married. But this does not happen, and Ashok instead gets married to another girl, Kamal's friend, Radha. Radha moves in with Ashok the Gupta household, and it is then she finds out that Kamal is in love with Ashok and had expected to marry him. Watch closely as relations and attitudes change, especially after Radha meets with an accident and must use a wheel-chair, be dependent on Kamal and the rest of the family.

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