Охотники за чародеями

Bakuretsu hunters

In Spurna, the Sorcerers are the rulers and tiranize the people. The people have only one hope: The Sorcerers Hunters, a group of people devoted to free Spurna from the evil sorcerers. They're Carrot (a wimp and womanizer - but at least a good person - with the power to absorb magic), Marron (Carrot's younger brother and master of oriental magic), Tira (who seems so timid but turns into a sado queen who uses a whip as weapon. She's in love with Carrot), Chocola (Tira's older sister, also in love with Carrot, and dangerous as her, who uses a strong steel cable as weapon) and Gateau (he makes bodybuilding poses all time and wants to look harsh but he's a good guy). Adventure in a sword-and-sorcery world with a lot of humor.

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