Перри Мейсон: Убийство в борделе

Perry Mason: The Case of the Murdered Madam

Della meets up with an old friend, a child that she used to baby-sit and she and Perry are invited to meet the friend's new wife, Suzanne. Meanwhile, Suzanne rents out her house to four gentlemen who are having a meeting about a plan that could get them all rich - little realising that Suzanne is taping the whole conversation. Suzanne holds out for more money from her "client" before giving up the tape and is found murdered and the tape gone. As Perry, Della and Paul start to help the friend (who discovered the body and hence the prime suspect.) they discover that Suzanne used to be a Madam of a "certain kind of house", that the four "meeting" takes great pains to cover up their business and that Suzanne's past may have caught up with her...

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