Dil Kaa Heera

Dil Kaa Heera

After the passing away of his wife, Sudha, widower Rajat Sharma looks after their only child, Munna, as well as his younger college-going brother, Kundan. He works as a Customs Officer at Bombay Airport and is known for his honesty. He meets with an attractive Air India Airhostess, Roopa, and both fall in love with each other. Roopa and Rajat expect to marry soon, and Roopa moves in with them. Munna and Kundan take an instant liking to her and call her "Parirani". Rajat and his boss, Satyam Malhotra, are concerned about the smuggling of diamonds from Singapore, but despite of their best efforts have been unable to apprehend the smugglers. Little do they know that the diamonds are being smuggled by none other than Roopa herself, taking advantage of her friendship with Rajat. And assisting her are Kundan, her Singapore based sister's Seema's husband, Gupta, and a reputed businessman, Dinesh Patel, who claims to be a friend of Rajat. When Rajat finds a diamond in his apartment, he starts to suspect Roopa, when she lands, he searches her and finds diamonds in two dolls. The question remains, what will Rajat do now - turn a nelson's eye or turn in his sweetheart to the authorities - unknowingly opening a Pandora's box that may well result in the arrest of Gupta, Dinesh, and Kundan as well.

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