Золото и песок

Mitti Aur Sona

Vijay is the only son of wealthy Brijbhushan and Yashoda. When he grows up, he attends college and is friendly with a pretty young woman named Anupama Sinha, the daughter of Advocate Yashwant, who is a close friend of his family. Both families expect Vijay and Anupama to marry soon. Then Vijay meets another college student by the name of Neelima and both fall in love with each other. He wants to introduce Neelima to his parents, who outright reject her as she not only comes from a poor family, but is an orphan, and has a questionable character. Vijay decides to leave his parents' house, starts working as a truck driver, and lives with Neelima in a small tenement. Then one day, Vijay gets the shock of his life when he sees Neelima in the arms of another collegian - J.C. - and that's when he finds out that Neelima has been two-timing him, is devastated, and heartbroken. He returns home to his parents, and decides to marry Anupama. And it is then he finds out that Anupama's mother is a prostitute and an ex-convict, found guilty for a brutal murder. Will Brijbhushand accept such a bride as his daughter-in-law? Will Vijay ever get married?

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