Благородные сердца

Diler Jagar

Год 1931
Длительность 01:43
Страна индия
Режиссер Г.П. Павар
Продюсер Shyam Sundar Agarwal
Сценарист Г.П. Павар
В ролях Лалита Павар, Hamir, Ezak Daniel, Гопинат
This silent film opens with shots of a hand distributing charity from a silver plate to a waiting crowd and tells of the good king of Magadh's fight with his evil ministers. The king is poisoned by his brother, the evil Kalsen and the infant prince Chandrapratab, smuggled out by the loyal sardar Satyapal, grows up in a forest to become the acrobat Hamir (Hamir) in love with his partner, the beautiful Saranga (Pawar, credited as 'Ambu'). Saranga is kidnapped by Kalsen's son Ramanaraj , described as 'the perfect libertine', but Kalsen takes her away from his son and attempts to seduce Saranga with promises of wealth. The fearless Hamir fights dozens of soldiers, in amateurishly staged fights, trying to liberate her. In the end Saranga, rejected by her lover for having been tempted by Kalsen's promises of wealth, dons a mask and turns into a Zorr-type avenger. Hamir is eventually recognized by the royal tattoo on his shoulder and restored to the throne as well as reunited with Saranga.

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