Сборная Сагая

Sagai United

Год 2004
Длительность 01:45
Страна таиланд
Жанр комедия
Премьера в мире 12/02/2004
Режиссер Somching Srisupap
Продюсер Джантима Лиавсирикун, Рашан Лимтракул, Криангкай Четчотисак
Сценарист Сомпопе Вейчапипат
В ролях Samrit Michaelsen, Khomsun Sritharntao, Понгпат Вачирабунджонг
A soccer philosophy has it that every underdog has its day . This year King s Cup tournament proves that true, when a bunch of unknown players called Sagai United join the competition under the supervision of Paotu, an ex referee who was forced into retirement after getting involved in a gambling scandal. Sagais, or Ngor, is a primitive, jungle-dwelling tribe who re not fond of either traveling great distance or socializing with outsiders. But this time the 11 Sagai tribesmen are making a trip of their lives from the remote Tarnto district in the south of Thailand to Bangkok in the hope of winning the King s Cup. The Sagai United stun the crowds with their weird scoring techniques. Their eccentric style of playing becomes a hot topic among the journalists who finally invited them to appear on every TV channel. The final match is nearing and Sagai United have to face their archrival, the favourite team who re tipped off by all soccer gurus to win the championship.

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