Jiafang yifang

The Dream Factory

Год 1997
Длительность 01:30
Страна китай
Жанр комедия
Бюджет 4 342$
Премьера в мире 01/02/1997
Режиссер Фэн Сяоган
В ролях Гэ Ю, Фэн Сяоган, Ах-Вэй, Бьяо Фу, Бинг Хе, Бин Ли, Ли Ци, Лю Пэй, Сунь Гуйтянь, Сюй Фань
Four friends come up with an unusual idea to make some money and have fun doing it. For a small fee, they will impersonate and act out any character role for their customers. In the course of executing this novel service, they encounter a whole spectrum of people in society, finding ways to genuinely help them boost their morale and overcome their fears, while gaining unusual and new insights into the human condition.

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