Idiots Deluxe

Idiots Deluxe

Год 1945
Длительность 00:18
Страна сша
Жанр комедия, короткометражка
Премьера в мире 20/07/1945
Режиссер Жуль Уайт
Продюсер Жуль Уайт
Сценарист Элвуд Уллман
В ролях Кёрли Ховард, Ларри Файн, Мо Ховард, Вернон Дент, Johnny Kascier, Пол Крюгер, Эдди Лотон, Гвен Сигер, Аль Томпсон
Moe is on trial for assaulting Curly and Larry with an ax. Moe relates how Curly and Larry took him on a hunting trip for his nerves. Out in the woods they confronted a bear which Curly and Larry stunned, and thinking it was dead, threw it in the back of their car, where it came awake, tossed Moe out and drove the car into a tree. The judge finds Moe not guilty and Moe promptly goes after Larry and Curly again with the ax.

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