A Bird in the Head

A Bird in the Head

Год 1946
Длительность 00:16
Страна сша
Жанр короткометражка, комедия
Премьера в мире 28/02/1946
Режиссер Эдвард Берндс
Продюсер Хью МакКолам
Сценарист Эдвард Берндс
В ролях Кёрли Ховард, Ларри Файн, Мо Ховард, Вернон Дент, Роберт Уильямс, Фрэнк Лактин, Арт Майлз
The stooges are working as paperhangers in the home of Professor Panzer, a mad scientist looking for a brain to use in his experiments. The professor wants to put a human brain into a gorilla but has trouble finding a brain small enough, which leads him to select Curly (for obvious reasons) as the perfect donor. The stooges manage to foil the madman with the help of the Gorilla who befriends Curly.

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