Возвращение на остров сокровищ

Return to Treasure Island

American academic Clive Stone is conducting research on pirate lore for a book. Part of that lore includes pirate Captain Flint of "Treasure Island" fame having hidden some piratical treasure on the island over two hundred years ago. As such, Clive writes to Jamesina 'Jamie' Hawkins, a direct descendant of Jim Hawkins (after who she was named) and the current proprietor of the Admiral Ben Bow Inn, to inquire about some of her possessions, namely a map and a bible, which he believes are clues to the hidden treasure, which she in turn believes is only lore and doesn't exist. Over a year after that inquiry, Stone visits Jamie coincidentally on the day that thieves try to steal the map, which Jamie proudly displays in the Inn. Stone requests to borrow the map, to which Jamie agrees - only if she goes along with him to Treasure Island - based on an incident that happens that day after the theft attempt. Stone tells her of evil blind Felix Newman, who will do whatever he can to find the treasure. Stone surmises that Newman's men were the ones who tried to steal the map. But Jamie also learns by accident of another competing evil faction led by a man named Maxie - who she will later learn is Maximillian Harris - who will also do whatever it takes to find the treasure. What no one yet knows is that there is one person already on the island who may have a say if Newman, Maxie or Jamie gets their hands on the treasure.

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