Jaya Ganga

Jaya Ganga

Год 1998
Длительность 01:34
Страна сша, франция, индия
Жанр мелодрама, драма
Премьера в мире 25/11/1998
Режиссер Виджай Сингх
Сценарист Рэм Гопал Баджадж, Виджай Сингх
В ролях Асиль Раис, Смрити Мишра, Жан-Клод Карьер, Анупам Шийам, Паула Клейн, Eric Piederriere
Nishant, a young Indian writer living in Paris, is journeying down the Ganges, from its source in the Himalayas to the sea. Haunted by the fantasy, or the memory, of a beautiful Parisian woman called Jaya, he plans to write a book around his voyage. On the banks of the turquoise Ganges, one morning, he chances upon Zehra, an irresistible poetess-dancing girl in the tradition of the great courtesans, who performs in a nearby brothel. Zehra resurrects the memory of Jaya. As love casts its spell once again on Nishant, he asks Zehra to join him on his journey, but her illusory freedom is shadowed by a formidable network of the brothel's spies. Nonetheless, Nishant manages to make Zehra flee from the brothel and join him on his journey. Romance takes over. A new life begins for Zehra as Nishant would like her to accompany him back to Paris. Half way down the river, at the height of their romance, Nishant receives a telegram. Zehra soon realises how Nishant's fantasy of a half-real, half-unreal woman could transform her life into a journey of ambiguous surprises...

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