Год 1978
Длительность 02:22
Страна индия
Жанр детектив, триллер
Премьера в мире 20/01/1978
Режиссер Субхаш Гхай
Продюсер Паван Кумар
Сценарист Субхаш Гхай
В ролях Шатругхан Синха, Рина Рой, Пран, Прем Нат, Сулочана Латкар, Рита Бхадури, Парикшит Сахни, Мадан Пури, Судхир, Ранджит
An honest lawyer, Vishwanath is implicated and imprisoned at the behest of powerful underworld don, GNK and his associates. After his release from prison, Vishwanath decides to seek vengeance, but finds out that it is virtually impossible to do this through due process of law. So he decides to change his identity, hire a gang of crooks and assassins, to carry out his vendetta. Not realizing that in doing this he is alienating himself from the love of his life, Soni; and making himself a wanted man by the police, leaving his crippled sister, Munni and mom, Shanti to fend for themselves, and at the mercy of GNK and his associates.

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