Господин офицер полиции

Kotwal Saab

Bharat Prasad Sharma lives a middle-class lifestyle along with his brother in a small town in India. His brother falls in love with Saraswati and both get intimate. Then Saraswati gets pregnant and both get married. Bharat does not approve of Saraswati and breaks off all relations, even dividing the house into two. Now Bharat is the Deputy Superintendent of Police and is assigned to take charge of a Police Station in a small town that is being ruled by a criminal don and soon-to-be Member of the Legislative Assembly, Dharam Kohli. Immediately upon his arrival he dramatically suspends Inspector Thakur, and arrests Dharam - only to release him due to medical reasons. A frustrated Bharat volunteers to go under cover and expose Dharam. He rents a room with John Fernandes, falls in love with co-tenant, Prabha, and marries her. With Prabha and John's help he gathers enough evidence to arrest Dharam little knowing that Prabha has a secret she kept from him - namely that she was in love with Dharam's goon, Mahesh, who is secretly blackmailing her and now wants her to hand over all evidence to him.

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