Любовный треугольник

Pati Patni Aur Tawaif

Vijay Saxena is a well-known Bollywood actor-director in India. He lives with his wife, Shanti, and a child. When Bollywood actress Kiran throws a tantrum and walks out on his movie, Vijay is introduced to a prostitute by the name of Gauri. He likes Gauri and signs her up for his movie. Both Gauri and he get intimate, and as a result Gauri gets pregnant and gives birth to a daughter. Then Gauri meets with a young and wealthy movie financier by the name of Prince Kumar, and decides not to have to do anything with Vijay. She wants to bring up Vijay's daughter as a prostitute like herself, so that she is provided for in her old age. Vijay must now decide to end his marriage with Shanti, or continue to live with her, knowing fully well that his second child will grow up to be another prostitute.

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