Его горькая пилюля

His Bitter Pill

Jim, the apple of his mother's eyes, is the big-hearted galoot of a man and is sheriff of his small town. He is sweet on Nell, who he has known all his life. Just as he is about to propose to her, he finds out that he has missed his opportunity as Diamond Dan, a big city slicker, has already proposed to her, to which she's accepted. Regardless, she has always loved Jim more as a brother. But when Jim finds out that Diamond Dan isn't as upstanding as he appears, Jim has to decide whether to let Diamond Dan go as Nell loves him, or arrest Diamond Dan and risk losing Nell's friendship. If the former, Jim just hopes that Diamond Dan will neither harm Nell and/or Nell can figure out for herself that he's not the man for her, but rather a big galoot who has always loved her and will always care for her is.

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