Вильгельм Телль

William Tell

Год 1903
Страна франция
Жанр драма, короткометражка
Премьера в мире 15/10/1903
Режиссер Люсьен Нонге
Сценарист Фридрих Шиллер
В ролях Edmond Boutillon
Historical legend composed of five Scenes. 1. William Tell's heroism. 2. The Plot. 3. The Apple. 4. Death of Gessler. 5. The Swiss cheer their Liberator. This popular and interesting legend takes place amidst the country life of the mountain populations. The beautiful and picturesque sites which exist in Switzerland have given us an opportunity of utilising the resources our theatre affords, and our scene-painters have been able to have a free run on their imaginations, and have completed the work by a series of magnificent scenes in the most artistic character.

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