Enta omry

Enta omry

Год 2004
Длительность 02:05
Страна египет
Жанр драма, мелодрама
Премьера в мире 21/02/2005
Режиссер Халед Юссуф
Сценарист Mohamed Refaat
В ролях Хани Салама, Нелли Карим, Менна Шалаби, Hesham Selim, АбДель Рахман Абу Зара, Raga El Geddaoui, Ahmad Khamees, Mohamed Rageb
Youssef and his wife are leading a tranquil and happy life in Hurghada with their young son when tragedy strikes. Youssef is diagnosed with cancer. He decides not to tell his wife and to spare her the pain of watching him suffer and die, tells her he is taking a trip out of Egypt. Dealing with his pain in suffering and solitude, he meets a young girl who is suffering from the same disease. She has decided she will triumph over the disease and instills the strength in Youssef to do the same. In their joint struggle they also fall in love. Youssef's wife has been searching for him and finds out about the love affair. The three lives are tangled in an emotional dilemma, who has what right to life love and happiness. It will take a miracle to unravel the problems.

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