Afwah wa araneb

Afwah wa araneb

Год 1977
Страна египет
Жанр драма, семейный, комедия, мелодрама
Премьера в мире 13/12/2009
Режиссер Генри Баракат
Сценарист Samir Abdelazim
В ролях Inas Al Degheidy, Фатен Хамама, Ragaa Hussein, Фарид Шауки, Махмуд Ясин
A story discussing the society problem during the seventies due to not having any family planning, also covering main issue of differences between poor society and rich society. This film introduces a family with 10 kids and lots of problems they get into through a funny story between an Aunt for the kids and her struggle for getting married to the man she loved because of her bother in law who got her married with someone behind her back, using false information.

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