To so gadi

To so gadi

Год 1977
Длительность 01:36
Страна югославия
Жанр комедия, семейный
Премьера в мире 27/07/1979
Режиссер Joze Bevc
Сценарист Joze Bevc
В ролях Берт Сотлар, Даре Валич, Майда Потокар, Хосе Хорват, Милада Калезич, Борис Кавацца, Радко Полич, Andrej Prevc, Bogdan Sajovic, Мила Качич
In Ljubljana lives a bus driver Stebe. He's a widower. He lives with five sons and a maid Rozi. The boys are very naughty and keep annoying Rozi and, in fact all neighbourhood. One day Rozi in desperation declares that she is leaving them, because she cant stand it no more. And she does leave, although she is fond of the boys. Soon afterwards Rozi's niece Meri comes by, asking if she might stay because she wants to find herself a job in town. Meri is good girl but cannot cope with the kitchen work as successfully as her aunt. But the whole Steb family seems to be charmed by her. Even one of Stebe's own colleagues, Tone, begins to take interest in the girl. Meri likes him too. Stebe's boys feel quite disappointed because of it. But all's well that ends well: in full conspiracy Meri qualifies as bus driver while Rozi returns to the Stebe family.

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