Ko zaprem oci

Ko zaprem oci

Год 1993
Длительность 01:39
Страна словения
Жанр триллер, мелодрама, криминал
Премьера в мире 02/04/1994
Режиссер Franci Slak
Продюсер Franci Slak
Сценарист Силван Фурлан, Franci Slak
В ролях Petra Rehar, Petra Govc, Душан Сандэк, Ludvik Bagari, Mario Selih, Berta Bojetu, Драго Павлич, Павле Равнохриб, Jozef Roposa, Петер Мусевски
A young girl finds scattered envelops in a field, then a postman's satchel, then a hanged man. Jump 20 years: the girl, now grown, lives with her aunt and has a job with the post office only because her dead uncle was a respected party leader. She's subbing at a small station when a robber strikes. He takes the loose cash; after he leaves, she finds lots more money in a metal box. She takes it. Suspicious police assign Ivan, who's from the council, to follow her. He does, trying to seduce her nightly during his surveillance. She sees the thief again by accident and makes contact.

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