Истина всегда побеждает

Satyamev Jayate

Год 1987
Длительность 02:36
Страна индия
Жанр боевик
Премьера в мире 18/06/1987
Режиссер Радж Н. Сиппи
Продюсер Ромэ Н. Сиппи
Сценарист Винай Шукла
В ролях Винод Кханна, Минакши Шешадри, Мадхави, Асрани, Шакти Капур, Анупам Кхер, Анита Радж, Гульшан Гровер, Винод Мехра, Сахил
Inspector Arjun Singh (Vinod Khanna) of Bombay Police has attained a sordid reputation of being of the most ruthless policemen in India, and is known for his torture and brutality. When a young man is killed in custody, Arjun is spoken to and warned, and subsequently transferred to a small town of Tehsil. Arjun denies these charges and asserts, in vain, that the death was not his fault. Arjun re-locates there, and finds to his horror that the family of the young man who died in his care, are his neighbors, and that this town regards him as enemy number one. Arjun must now come to terms with his past and compromise in this town, and find out what were the circumstances behind this young man's death or just get another transfer. However he is abandoned by his lover Vidya (Anita Raj) and a determined Pooja (Madhvi) is doing all she can to bring justice to her brother's murder. Arjun finds solace in alcoholism and a prostitute, Seema (Meenaskhi Sheshadri).

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